The colours of your soul

I’ve been working with Spiritual Response Therapy and Touching Therapies for a long time and then I met Aura Soma‘s magic bottles, which completed my therapeutic palette. These techniques have led me to myself.

Then I started to learn make-up as a profession, so I became to be confident in guiding my clients on the creative terrain of self-knowledge too. Make-up is not just about beauty, this profession reveals our true face through the various techniques. Developing creativity is also an important goal for me. My own experience shows that while we are entering new ways, we reach and exceed our limits. We are getting closer to ourselves, and through new challenges we become opened to new perspectives and become more complete in our lives. I would like to give this kind of thinking to my students and to anyone who comes to me.

Whatever I have learned till now, being it any of the methods I represent, I try to reach the centre of humans.

All the journeys are leading to their soul, through my own soul.

The key is love as energy and beauty. The emphasis on beauty, strengthening in our own beauty, is a part of our knowledge and acceptance as well as many ways of searching for inner beauty. The two can not be separated. Internal stability, largely supported by a positive external self-image, we gain self-confidence, gives us more confident action if we find and learn to highlight the most advantageous features of our face. If we are satisfied with ourselves, we display our attributes adequately, we start loving this unique and unrepeatable human being who we are.

I believe our whole world will change if we reflect this kind of selfishness and broadcast it. Accepting and loving ourselves teaches to love others, then all the beings and finally the life itself. In this way, the world will be more beautiful and complete.

But let’s see how the mystics attract to us, at the level of the individual.

I would call on the magic of colours to illustrate these processes.

I would start with our own colours, because we represent cold and warm tones in our skin, hair and eyes, so it is easy to choose which colours suit us, raise our light and which colours do not.

The use of the latter is unproductive to us. This analysis defines us on the basis of our external signs and thus supports us. But I feel more importance on colours effecting on our souls and on their energy systems.

I could talk about colour roses, the flower of life, the Goethe’s colour circle, and the rainbows, which follow not only their pattern but also the order of human energetic centres and chakras. A long and meaningful lecture would turn on this subject, but now I want to show it more.

“You are the colour you choose, and it reflects the need of your soul.”

This is the motto of Aura Soma, this gentle and special spiritual therapy. This system proves to us that we can show and express ourselves through our colour choices. Think about it, when we choose clothes every day, or vegetables and fruits on the market, which we are delighted to get. Or flowers, for ourselves and for others.

Our intuition or our inner voice supports us all. Every living thing communicates in a secret language in the world in which it exists. For example, a plant of a particular colour has exactly the characteristics of that colour. The language of colours is also the language of nature.

In my present works, I worked with very different models in terms of their nature and their psychological form.

First I worked with pink and white colours, the model was a very hearty, sensitive, fragile and feminine young woman and mother. The Pink Ambassador. This is a lightweight, delicate and gentle colour, representing our heart centre energetically. Feminine and inclusive quality, talking about emotions. Let me also refer to the Aura Soma system again, because its beautifully coloured glasses, containing liquid crystals and plant essences, and they are designed to work together, gently coordinate with the human soul. Any glass being combined with any other colours, which containing pink, is working with the subject of love and has an intense effect on our emotional life, affects the femininity and feminine quality.

Unconditional love, warmth, softness, compassion, self-love, inner inspiration, communication of love, ability to grow in love, flow of emotions, acceptance of oneself and others’ emotions, susceptibility in all respects.

The motto of pink could be “I love myself the way I am, not the way I would like to be.”


My other model was Nora. She was dressed in the shades of purple, because her whole being, her eyes, her face, and her spiritual form are telling about the lilac. She is an elf-faced, spiritually opened and mature, creative creation. Purple is the way of spirituality. Its theme is healing, service, awakening to ourselves. Transformation, peace, awareness and change. The purple quality is represented by the healer who constantly develops his possessions who sees clearly as authentic and pure channels.

Purple helps to process our fears, enables us to change, to self-knowledge, to balance the man and feminine side of our being. Energetically, this is the colour of the crown chakra, the connection to god, the colour of the inspiration.

Nora is beautifully representing me this colour as she always is in constant change, she is steadfast in the spiritual way she is dedicated to discovering herself and the world. She has fragile, ethereal being, conscious, self-confident, mature personality, she is mentally sensitive and mature, her personality is opened, positive, and independent. Her vocation is colourful and creative, she is a colleague, anyway. Her knowledge is constantly open and calls on new ways, she does not rush back from the adventures, the unknown does not alarm her. She is clearly purple. And of course white. Because this quality is strong in the light. A purple eyebrow appears in the lilac, in a distant, mystical dimension, in the invisible. This will be an invisible reality once in all of us. Then we will be able to recognise ourselves in each and every colour and in any quality.