Make-up course in Budapest


We held a workshop in Budapest with the Eva Fabian Make-up Academy. Nóra Jakab were the other teacher and about 15 enthusiastic students raised the mood and quality of the event.

The workshop was an enormous experience, as it was the first time for me participating as a teacher at a similar event. Nora Jakab began the morning with her beauty make-up, followed by Eva Fabian, who taught to use the tint material as a special make-up technique. Then my time came, I worked on my favourite theme “doll”, a little glamour, slightly inclined to gatsby. I came with a lot of accessories, and I wanted to give as much help as possible to the students to develop their creativity.

My presentation was the last in time, so I started moving the viewers. I wanted them not to get tired to focus and let them stand up and follow the moments of make-up and creation around me. I have created creative accessories, beads, stones and flowers on the face. It showed up as a typical fashion makeup to show more and more steps and elements. Makeup was time-consuming, and the stones beautifully raised the line of the model’s lips. Finally, I put a tulle in front of the face, with a distinctive painting, a second face, which was a great success anyway.


After the show and a pleasant lunch, the practice followed. At first, our students were bold to make creative make-up. I saw that the usual movements of the traditional make-up provide them to feel more secure. It seemed it is hard for them to move, despite the many treasures I smuggled around them. One or two girls started to go in a fashion or creative way, after they built more and more confidently what I wanted to see.

A bit later one of the  students became so inspired, she asked for my help, and we started to sniff the make-up that she had made. Soon wee got the attention of the others too.  There were enthusiastic requests and questions from everywhere after this. I raced with ideas, accessories, tried to support them with the best of my knowledge, which at the time took me along similar steps.

The next step was the photo shooting, provided by Eva Fabian, she is doing well as a photographer in our world now.

The girls used more and more beautiful flowers, fabrics and jewelries, as I helped them to sort everything around the model’s face and shape, according to their style. They tried very hard and achieved good results, I was proud of their courage and perseverance.

Beautiful works were coming out of the hands of the students, some makeup exceeded my expectations. The creative winds which I put on their way at the beginning of the course, did its job and helped to use  their wings.

I congratulate the girls and my colleagues for this event and I hope we’ll meet again to take another step along the path of unfolding creativity.