IMATS 2018 Atlanta

From Atlanta to New Orleans – One week with Einat Dan in the United States
Imats, this great beauty event, was held for the first time this year in Atlanta.
Although earlier there was no chance for me to participate at any of the Imats, I heard a lot about the London and the New York events, so I could understand the excitement of the Atlanta parade.
Atlanta is a giant American city, with many offices in downtown and colourful districts around. I liked it, I found it interesting, but as a tourism point of view, I do not think that it is a big wow. The Imats exhibition was held in a gigantic building complex, I did not even try to walk around the whole, especially that I had to focus on my own tasks.
It’s easy for you to lose the lines between the show booths, this event is a real canoe for a make-up artist I think. All the biggest makeup brands and products were represented, MAC, Make-up Forever, Kat Von D, Huda, Kryolan and I could repeat it. I met with unknown names too of course, after a while, I could barely catch up on the colours and the mess. Wonder palettes, crystals, and brush sets all offered themselves to be tempting. Sometimes I could resist and sometimes I couldn’t. I have to tell you that finally I paid a lot at the airport because of the overweight of my luggages …
I travelled with Einat Dan and a lovely Swiss colleague Patrizia Camardella this time. At the event, we sold Einat’s fantastic quality brushes and decorating elements, stones, stickers, eyebrows, all designed by her.
The Imats was colourful, exciting and noisy as it might be expected on a beauty show like this.
I’m grateful for the opportunity, now a few days after I got home, I can not even believe I was there!
I’ll give you some fun photos to prove it to you. And to myself too! 😉
From Atalanta, however, we went to New Orleans to relax. Well if I rated Atlanta as average, that is not the case with New Orleans. This city of great history, the cradle of jazz, the pastor of the old South, is truly charming, colourful and pulsating. It is all about passion, a place where the presence of music and dance is just as natural as the sight of walking people on the streets. New Orleans is a captivating and enchanting city, I was touched, much better than I expected. I was very lucky to meet one of Einat’s great friends, an amazing artist, the painter and body-painter Craig Tracy. He lives and creates in New Orleans, having his home, his studio and his gallery close to the famous Bourbon street. It was so lovely to spend time together! I love his paintings!
It was the first time for me visiting the United States. But not the last. I have not come back yet, but I was thinking of exploring new cities.
Travel always encourages for having new and new adventures, new discoveries. Every time I get to know a city, a new landscape, that opens its gates to me, I feel like I can feel being at home almost everywhere in the world.
This planet has so many beauties and treasures, so many cultures and moods for us, which is almost impossible to discover in a lifetime. If I can travel, I will go on and on new roads, looking for new secrets.
Because with every new experiences and encounters, with every new meetings I make, I can get closer to myself as well.