Shooting with Bea 😉

As the Beauty Forum Exhibition and my presentation approached, I had to realize that the topic – Spirituality in Makeup – is too complex to be presented in a single makeup.
So I decided to work ahead and show my story through a series of photos that were quite long and wide.

I knew Bea Kovács for a while and I followed her work. I like the mood of hes pictures and it is an important aspect for me that Bea is a beautician, so she understands the essence of makeup as a creation. He knows the nature of different materials, knows how to behave with lights and knows the secret, what a make-up artist wants to see on the photos.
So I asked her for this job with confidence and the work began. We found a great place, named Photobalance Studio. We arrived in a nicely decorated, professionally-prepared place. The staff were attentive and very helpful, welcoming us with delicious cappuccino, everything was ready to work in perfect harmony.

I built the makeup in several steps, my model Dominica was so patient with us. She tolerated the settings beautifully, posing as we asked, not bothering any impossible posture. Bea helped me, was waiting for me if needed, as I adjusted, smoothed, changed and repaired it with constant enthusiasm and tirelessly.

Spirituality was the basic theme and the woman of course, in her spiritual development.
I used a purple, magenta, light, many decors, stones in all the colours of the rainbow.
The purple is the great teacher, the colour of wisdom and healing, the magenta, the colour that connects us with our own self and with the higher leadership. And I let all the colours in the last act appear, since we know well that the developmental path of any soul can be complete when it enters every domain, experiences and integrates all colours, all qualities.
The series was made for four hours and worth the effort I think. It faithfully reflects the process of a woman’s spiritual maturity, with all its phases, difficulties and beauty.

And as every time I finish a creative process, I was deadly tired and happy about how lucky I am.

Because I can do what inspires me, what uploads me, what is about me. What fills the nights with dreams and days with content. What drives action is in motion, constantly changing and still stable.

That’s enchanting.

Please take a look on our works. Thanks for the cooperation to the photographer Bea Kovács and to my model, Dominika Turzó.

I hope we’ll have the pleasure to work together again!