Evasion Beauty and Art – Creative corner

My work is my passion and all other activities and supplies that support my work are so enthusiastic for me.

Since my world is mostly about creative makeup, accessories are getting enough space in my studio. Creative makeups are naked and incomplete without them.

I selected and bought a lot, later I made accessories, headdresses, costumes, jewelery and my stock is still expanding. Why is this important?

Because it helps to reach our goals. As to build our work around a subject, to tell stories with makeup, or inspire.

In fact, it help us rebel if the story wants it. Creative creatures can even speak more about people about situations, states, questions of public interest, than words. We can either share information with them or simply admire them. It is also an important goal to open the creativity of the audience, to broaden our field of vision. There are incredible number of possibilities in an extreme creation and I’m doing anything what is needed to live with it.

I do encourage others in the business, the seekers mostly. Of course, the support is only the basis of our help.

So any time I can, I do it in practice, encouraging my colleagues, beginners, and those who want to move on, to look and see beyond the makeup. Do not leave the face alone, support its speach with colours, materials, imaginative solutions. I’m happy to help you learn how to get out of the routine, how to step over the ordinary.

So not just doing the makeup, but to create it, becomes natural soon this way.

I’ll show you some headdresses. I bought a part of it, part of it was made with a jewelery maker, and there are some of my own works that I’ve been doing alone for a competition or a photo shoot.

All the headpieces and accessories can be rented!