EINAT DAN WORKSHOP – Berlin, March 2018

Berlin is always a good idea. It’s not the first time I spend a couple of days at Einat Dan’s studio, but I’m getting richer and more experienced every time. Einat, one of the brightest stars of creative makeup. She is always able to provide new and dedicated enthusiasm, inspiration, encouragement, growth and renewal. She is always authentic, unique and never repeats herself.
This time, we had an extraordinary mood for three days, the company and the location were also special.
Colourful, exciting and impulsive.
Most of the participants were Italian, they were cheerful, opened and temperamental at the same time.
I was amused by them. Working with them was working in perfect harmony, in a supporting, confident atmosphere. I do not have to say how important this is.
We spent the first day in the studio. Einat worked, and we admired her as she draw a complete story on the face of her lovely model. Meanwhile she is talking, she is always sharing her experiences and we learn a lot. She gives us secrets, and we are grateful for them as getting gifts every time. If we do not even use them in that very moment, they will certainly be embedded and visible in some of our work. Just in time when we need them when we understand them.
The second day was to practice. We designed and tested the makeup we dreamed of the day before. We could work on great models. My model was a special-faced Italian girl, her fantastic Spanish costume made her look incredibly stylish. My work went on as always do. I designed something, during the practice I made a part of it real, finally I went on to make a face which had to be born. The face I came for.
The third, the last day we sat in a sensually furnished red and black bar. Einat gave us a little gift to go on and then we could pick up our brushes to change the face and the essence of our chosen model. My model was a silent, retreating, gender-type kind of girl, with a very pronounced look. From the first moment I felt some unexplainable dissonance in her, as a fake melody influencing me. In the first moments, I was definitely uncertain because my model’s emanation did not fit into the makeup I designed.
But as I started working on her face, we started tuning, and I was just listening to the colours and their message.
I picked up red and blue, playing with proportions and mixed them. Finally, I thought that not only harmony deserves attention and acceptance, disharmony can be assumed and having its place if it is true.
This is how a makeup was born, a face with a focus on the look. And in the depths there is a person who tries to hide her weaknesses like us. Hiding distorts us. It distorts our reality, our beauty, and our soul too. This is the message of my work. An admonition. For all of us…
“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.” – Richard Bach