In South Africa again!

My biggest hopes came true when I was invited to the Bokeh South African Fashion Film Festival in September.
I spent more than two weeks in the southern hemisphere this time and visited Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria too.
The main event of the international festival took place in Cape Town. I participated again in the International Creative Make-up Championship too, but this time as a jury member. It was exciting to get an insight into the events from the other side.
After the last year’s experience, I could really feel together with the excited participants, and I did my best to support and encourage them as much as it was allowed. Excellent artists competed again, representing Europe and Africa. The subject was extremely interesting, they had to dream and create in Tim Burton’s style. The competition was going in a disciplined and good mood, it was very well-organized and proper. I can show the process, I was shooting all the time.
The gala was amazing. The decoration, the lights, the music, the service, all were first classed. I have followed not only the ceremony of the makeup contest, but the finishing ceremony of the fashion films as well.
Incredible creations were born. I was delighted that my partner in the jury, my mentor and dear friend Einat Dan, also won a prize, with her fashion movie called “Doll House”. Watch it please, kind of cute and gorgeous!
After Cape Town, we went to Johannesburg. The event continued in a more spectacular place, hidden in fabulous gardens. This place is for celebrating weddings and other events, named Shepstone Gardens. Enchanted me completely. At this gala I worked also as a make-up artist, we painted Tim Burton styled models, I was terribly enjoying the day and the evening! I hope the pictures below speak for themselves.
After the film festival ended, I assisted Einat Dan’s workshops, which filled me with great enthusiasm. I learn a lot from her every time about teaching, art and humanity.
The enthusiasm and the patience she works with, make her unique in teaching and in art. This time she taught glamour make-up – I did not see her in this category so far – and fashion / creative make-up techniques of course.
The students were excited about the lectures and eager to indulge in the joy of practical training. I was the same eager to help them.
What should I say, I loved it. For me, teaching gives a meaning of learning so much. I also learned and learn this profession not to save time and energy. And practice it this way as well.
We should not stop, I would not even be able to. I continue to train myself today as well, nowadays mostly abroad and doing practice, practice and practice. No matter what I do or where I am now, that I teach others myself.  There is the desire to move forward, always towards the new, being opened, with the same enthusiasm and endurance. We relax sometimes, it is natural, but if we stop, we blow the flame, waste our energy.
I want to build. To live with and to return the beauty and good that I have got and still receive from life.