Éva Tóth

“Talent is nothing else but having the courage to start anew.”

Arthur Honegger

Éva Tóth left the field of finances for the sake of creation many years ago. Her path lead her from the banking sphere and – through her hobbies as drawing, graphic designing and painting – she has arrived to being a make-up artist. She has been rather enthusiastic about every kind of art from her childhood, however, she drifted away from it and ended up in the field of finances due to her choice of studies. Her creative urge kept manifesting itself in the disguise of her different hobbies, until the resurrection of her genuine creativity. With this renewed power, she found her true vocation, which she is living and creating in, to this day as a make-up artist.

In a short period of time she participated in almost every renowned national course. She was taught by the most prominent Hungarian masters. Practicing the various different schools’ distinct styles, her exceptional talent helped her to form a harmonious unity and that was to become her own unique style.

The desire for taking the next step in her developement prompted her to travel abroad, where her dearest teacher and ideal, Einat Dan, taught her how to surpass her own limits. Taking this path has brought her quite far away since then. The creative make-up is not simply a trade or a vocation, the many years of experience has elevated it to the level of art, it is a way of living for her by now.

She is using her talents on photo shootings, exhibits, weddings and many other events, going to international competitions, holding make-up counselling, creating make-up and complementary designs as well as executing the entire process of putting them on.

From the fall of 2017 she is stepping into the shoes of a trainer. Her purpose is to shed light on a wider range of possibilites for her pupils way, beyond the basic and advanced courses. It is her conviction, that experiencing creativity on a higher level is the road to finding our genuine self. It has a positive impact on our outlook on life, not to mention, improves our personality, gives us courage as well as provides support in developing a better understanding of ourselves. As a result, it grants us the opportunity to achieve a higher quiality in our daily lives.

She is always on the move. She keeps on creating and designing passionately. She is persistent in following her dreams, but what is more, she makes them come true as well.

She is ready to show You how!