Beauty Forum 2018

I will be a member of the jury on the Hungarian Make-up Championship and also doing a performance again at the Beauty Forum Expo, on the 26-27 October in Lurdy House.

The theme  is based on beauty and spirituality. I’ve already been working on it, and it’s very enthusiastic, because my profession and my love are coming together this time. This topic is developing in me for a long time, it is not a secret, and I’m sure not a surprise as well.
How can I separate things which are maturing, changing, and constantly evolving as one in me.
I have found a great model this time again. This is half of the success, because good mood and flowing is very important to me for being in harmony that supports the designing and creation processes.
I will not tell more, the rest will be a surprise. I will report everything afterwords and photos will also been served at the end.